Building connected teams, one keynote at a  time.

\This isn't just a keynote. This is connection.


This is a personalized experience for every member of your team. World renowned coach and CEO, Nancy J Spotton, invites captains of industry to inspire with tangible strategies that resonate with your unique team. 

It's like for inspiration.


From individual to team.

"There is only one person that can handle this: Nancy J Spotton." 

MPWR and Nancy J Spotton have created and tested a 5-level journey of self-awareness, increasing pressure, and data-driven personalization to turn your organization from a group of people working in the same building to a connected team fighting the same fight. 

This is level 1, THINK, a series of micro-learning workshops and keynotes broken down into 1 or 3 hour sessions, all personalized to fit your teams unique set of challenges.

Level 1: THINK

This is where the journey to authentic collaboration within your organization begins.


The objective of these workshops or keynotes is to stimulate thinking and provide strategies for your team across topics that cover personal branding, finding your sweet spot, what makes a champion team and how to win at the talent game.


Nancy and her team walk you and your team through an immersive thinking journey that creates connectivity with and for your team. Your team leaves with clarity of themselves and a deeper connection to each other.



Featured Keynote

The 11 Habits of Champion teams

What would you do with a Champion Team?

What if you could inspire your people to authentically collaborate with 11 simple habits?


The first habit is building a learning mindset.



There's no one size fits all to inspiration. That's why we look at the makeup of your team, your objectives, and the challenges you face to match talent to task. 
These speakers were chosen to work with Nancy to represent various career stages that make up a champion team.

Nobody inspires like those who have shed blood, sweat and tears to achieve their dreams, and retired TFC Captain, Steven Caldwell, proves it. As a captain on and off the field, Steven shows you how to unite your team around the 11 Habits.

Steven Caldwell

From street kid to CEO of global multi-billion-dollar organizations, Paul is here to share leadership secrets from the top. With a startup’s sense of possibility and a seasoned veteran’s knowhow, Paul inspires change from coordinators to executives.

Paul Mead

In less than 6 years, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Maryl is a Top Performer who shares perspective on the unique struggles of being an ambitious Millennial in the corporate landscape. 

Maryl Eva

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